The Studio Is Nearly Ready

After nearly 10 years of effort, we finally have our own recording and film studios to create and release music, animated films, audio books and podcasts from one central location. Exciting stuff for our company, trainees and freelance creatives who make our projects function.

I wish we could be together once or twice a week working in this deeply creative, upbeat and hope-filled space, but right now it's too dangerous for people to congregate indoors, so we'll remain distanced and working remotely on our own projects, encouraging and uplifing and helping each other when we can.

We record sound on an iMac using Logic Pro.

We also have a small film set for live streaming or recording live performances for premieres on social media.

We have now installed Reallusion animation software in our video editing PC.

It's very exciting to have a workstation for creating original art for our animations, album covers and other things.

Establishing work stations and workflow in this space is an important first step to churning out new content every week. We're excited to have Project Undeniable 2021 as an in-house project to get our team of freelance creatives moving in the same direction for a few hours every week from various studio offices online.

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